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Virginia Center for Creative Arts featured blogpost

An interview in the srtist's studio during my residency with Virginia Center for Creative Arts in Amherst VA. 

Face Diversity Foster Inclusion

The project, titled “Facing Diversity, Fostering Inclusion,” is part of a wider SRU initiative to publicly express our commitment to making diversity and inclusion on our campus a priority. Though this is hosted by the Art Department, the Frederick Douglass Institute and the Gender Studies Program and co-sponsored by GIESO and Residence Life, there is widespread support for and participation in the project. To date, we have taken almost 200 portrait photographs of campus and community members, the result of work done by students in Dr. Jamie Hunt’s photography class and of the organization of seven photo booths which we hosted in the Smith Student Center over a three-week period.

Associated Artist of Pittsburgh 105th Annual Exhibition

One Breath One Line received the  prestigious UPMC award at the 105th Annual Exhibition curated by  Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer. Exhibition dates were May 14 through August 15, 2016. 

Group A showing in Millvale represents variety of mediums, artistic interpretations

Theresa Antonellis’ “Breathing Meditation,” shows that a lot can be made from a simple concept and materials. A 24-foot-long mulberry paper scroll, it is filled with vertical brushstrokes painted with handmade oak-gall ink.  “This method came to me at a time when I wanted to find a way to merge art and yoga,” Antonellis says. “Around the same time, it became known my father was dying. Everyone who has lost a loved one knows how the mind obsessively searches for meaning and confronts loss. I was saying to myself, ‘I am breathing. I have this moment.' But then that breath is gone, and there's no record of it. So I started recording my breathing, one breath, one line, one breath, one line. And that grew to include the meditative aspect of breathing.”

SRU portrait project aims to highlight diversity, inclusion

After many months of planning, getting photos, coordinating with colleagues, and securing permission to hang the portraits, she is very pleased with how SRU’s version of the project has turned out.
There are 180 black and white portraits each measuring 5-by-3-feet hanging on buildings facing the quad, and on several sections outside the Robert M. Smith Student Center

SRU art instructor breathes life into painting

Theresa Antonellis, Slippery Rock University instructor of art and director of the Martha Gault Art Gallery, recently collaborated with the Oberlin College Dance Department for a performance that combined Antonellis’ art method of one breath/one line and contact improvisation dancing.