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Virginia Center for Creative Arts featured blogpost

An interview in the srtist's studio during my residency with Virginia Center for Creative Arts in Amherst VA. 

Face Diversity Foster Inclusion

The project, titled “Facing Diversity, Fostering Inclusion,” is part of a wider SRU initiative to publicly express our commitment to making diversity and inclusion on our campus a priority. Though this is hosted by the Art Department, the Frederick Douglass Institute and the Gender Studies Program and co-sponsored by GIESO and Residence Life, there is widespread support for and participation in the project. To date, we have taken almost 200 portrait photographs of campus and community members, the result of work done by students in Dr. Jamie Hunt’s photography class and of the organization of seven photo booths which we hosted in the Smith Student Center over a three-week period.

Associated Artist of Pittsburgh 105th Annual Exhibition

One Breath One Line received the  prestigious UPMC award at the 105th Annual Exhibition curated by  Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer. Exhibition dates were May 14 through August 15, 2016.